BCA: Personal Stories

Jeanne Borden

I am a divorced mother of two teenage daughters. After 20 years of marriage, one year of legal separation, and almost two years divorced, while still trying to reorient my life, I was diagnosed on March 1, 1994.

It has been a very hard year of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which I will complete this March 10. During these last few years, I had been doing a lot of writing about my life since my divorce, and more recently I have written about my illness.

My writing is an attempt to convey how these circumstances have affected my life, but ultimately my writing hopes to reach and touch others, with or without a similar experience, with some significant parallel in their lives or at least to bring to us all some better understanding of these particular processes.

The Animal Trap

Running Scared

Personal Statement, Lauren Borden
(Jeanne's 16-year-old daughter)