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General Information

National Cancer Institute's CancerNet
National Cancer Institute's PDQ Clinical Trials Search
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)
American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Network
Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc.
Beth Israel Health Care System's
Guide to Breast Cancer
The Breast Cancer Fund
National Action Plan on Breast Cancer Women's Health Center: Breast Cancer Concerns
Women's Cancer Center

Psychosocial Support

Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization
Community Breast Health Project
Nancy Delaney's One Woman's Reconstruction (discussion group)
Celebrating Life (African Americans with Breast Cancer)
Breast Cancer in Men
Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer
Transformations (self help, support, and recovery)

Personal Stories/Artwork

Breast Cancer Answers
Patricia Murray
Stephanie Byram's
Cancer Destroys, Cancer Builds

Internet Guides To Breast Cancer Information

CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's
Cancer Information Page
Cansearch: National Coalition for Cancer
Survivorship Guide to Cancer Resources
Best Web Sites on Breast Cancer

On-line Brochures on Breast Cancer

National Cancer Institute's
Prevention of Breast Cancer
National Cancer Institute's
Screening for Breast Cancer
National Cancer Institute's
Questions and Answers: The Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
National Cancer Institute's
Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk: It's Your Choice
National Cancer Institute's
Clinical Trials: Get the Facts About Cancer Treatment Studies

Hotline Numbers

National Cancer Institute's
Cancer Information Service
American Cancer Society 1-800-ACS-2345

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