Breast Cancer Answers Art Gallery


The Needleman --Thoughts generated by my artwork surrounding the preparation process for biopsy known as localization.

No name
No warning
Poor explanation
Lousy briefing

You want my money
You want my body
Ask me
Tell me
I am not a target
I am a human being

Problems in the area
Local trouble
Local solution
Localization in preparation
Explanation enough of the basic procedure

Forgot to mention
No local for a localization
(No communication)
But a communicated violation:
Wire fire
From the Needle-man

The Needle-man, the Needle-man
All legs and an aiming hand
Say hello, no-face Needle-man
Cold and calculating Needle-man
Flings wire dart as fast as he can
Strikes pressed flesh like a driven spike
Puncturing intrusion of breast and psyche
That's the job of the no name Needle-man
To finish the job as fast as he can
Don't look back Mr. Needleman.

Mixed Media
© 1989, Betsy Noorzay

* * *