BCA Art Gallery


© 1994, Matuschka

madonna, 1994

version 1:

the night my fingers touched her scar
was a nightmare dawn
and i had woken
crying mommy, mommy
and she came to me
(i could see her prettiness by the glow of
my Mickey Mouse night light)
and she crawled into my bed
guarding me against the young demons
already surrounding me
and when i clung to her thick thighs,
her round hips
her deep waist and
and that's when i touched her scar
the skin was pink and taught and nippleless
sewn shut in white
sealing off her self respect and dignity
from me forever
and i felt her shudder, cringing as my small fingers
brushed over
her deformity
so i closed my eyes and cried some more

version 2: (two voices)

and when i touched
her scar
the skin was taught and pink
rippled with white bumps
straight and hard and
sewn shut
sealing tight her self-respect and dignity
and when she touched
my scar
that long bumpy highway
carved into ripe flesh
i swore those little fingers would never feel my shudder

and my one-sided flatness
would not be hidden away

version 3:

sweet mother's milk
zipped shut
behind the scar
like a stretch of highway
meandering across flat
welcoming flesh

Poem by Leigh Silverman, 1993

* *