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The entanglement of breast cancer binds me in its wire and vines. My strength lies not in the struggle simply for myself, but for my family, whose scars run as deep as mine. Their photos hide the hurt and the continual pain.

The cast of players who enter on to this stage bring breast cancer full circle. There are the doctors who stabbed me in the back with their lack of sensitivity, leaving me uninformed, denying me of my own inner healing. It is the insurance companies with their greed who have control over the situation. Through glasses, I look for many things: a cross for hope, the American society for understanding, and of course for a cure. I look for a guardian angel, except within myself, in the hopes that I can take flight above this earthly pain. My initial shame led me to veil myself as others would have me stay. It is for those others who need to lift their veil that I continue to fight for advancement in research, an increase in support groups, public awareness, and extended care programs.

© 1996, Linda Hostetter

© 1996, Linda Hostetter

These things pierce me like needles, tearing me apart at the seams. I feel we are beads strung together by a common thread, that our bodies are fragile and long to shine in the light of hope. So, with body disfigured but with heart regained, I ask for strength to look in the mirror. With renewed pride that I might be like the spring flower to those who knew me, the forget-me-nots, the words I heed. For no person can find her inner peace until they find their wings within.

This is dedicated to my Grandmother who survived breast cancer for forty years and helped me to stand like the dress model. Also: to Dr. Paul Wood (deceased) who still lives in me, to Dr. May B. Maxann for believing in me, my family and two sons, friends and all cancer patients, to my two new women doctors for listening to me, and finally, to the new hope I look forward to in Belle~Amie.