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Will I live to see my Children Grow Up

I had breast cancer in the late 1970's which was treated with a "modified radical mastectomy" and I have had no relapse; I am therefore growing into an arthritic old lady which I regard as fortunate for I have been able to participate in the development of my grandchildren and to pot and paint for 20 additional years.

I grew up in a small German village which practiced agriculture and animal husbandry the old fashioned way, i.e. without manufactured chemicals; in my view modern massive use of chemicals is both unsustainable and is loading poisons into the food chain. Organochlorines are now ubiquitous causing harm to the endocrine systems of many organisms and resulting in cancers and birth defects. The real bottom line is the welfare of organisms not the numbers produced by bookeepers. I blame mindless profit maximization for the horrors of chemical pollution and hold such practice responsible for the great rise in cancers that we are experiencing; I suspect that I have been one of its victims! My art reflects this viewpoint. I recognize that illness is in the nature of things, however we treat our environment. When it does occur, adequate treatment should be available for everyone; no person should have to fear that such treatment will make them paupers. This belief follows from the love of living things expressed in my work.

In my pottery I celebrate the beauty of all living things and I hope that this celebration will contribute to an appreciation which will help preserve our living heritage.

© 1996, Ria Orans

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