About the Breast Cancer Answers Art Gallery

The Breast Cancer Answers Art Gallery is a unique collection of personal artwork from over 25 women and men touched by breast health, including breast cancer. This collection portrays many different emotions, ranging from fear, mourning, and anger, to strength, healing, recovery, and survivorship.

Many of the artists are breast cancer survivors who rely on art as a coping tool and a useful way to express the emotions surrounding their experiences. Others are friends and family members who have a loved one with breast cancer, or who have lost a loved one to cancer.

Our definition of artwork is open-ended. Our collection includes personal sculpture, painting, photography, and poetry. Most pieces are accompanied by a personal statement from the artist that may help you understand the message the artist intends to convey.

We hope you enjoy the gallery and derive feelings of support, empathy, and empowerment from the artwork presented.

Warning: Copying or redistribution of the artwork presented for personal or corporate gain is not permitted. Any public or commercial use of this artwork without prior written permission from the artist may be in violation of federal copyright law.

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